Step 1.
Enroll In The Program.

Call or fill out a form to get a FREE financial analysis.


With your approval, a debt specialist will personally assess your financial situation and credit history to determine your eligibility for the ReLeaf Road program.


There are no up-front fees in our program.


Your success is our success. You will not pay us a penny unless we successfully lower your enrolled debt.


If you have been approved for the program and sign an electronic agreement, you will then move on to Step 2.

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Step 2.
Make Monthly Payments.

Your dedicated debt specialist will work with you one-on-one to design a monthly payment program designed to fit your budget and needs.

Your monthly payments will be deposited into a personal trust account with Global Client Solutions, an FDIC insured bank that acts as a “middle-man” between you, your creditors, and ReLeaf Road.

During the program, you maintain complete control of your account and its funds.

Step 3.
Inform Your Creditors.

Once your first monthly payment is processed and cleared, ReLeaf Road will immediately contact your creditors.


We do this for a few reasons...


• It shows your creditors that you are enrolled in our debt relief program and are taking steps to repay your debt.


• It should stop harassment calls from collectors.


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Step 4.
We Lower Your Debt.

Once you have saved enough funds in your trust account, our debt negotiators will contact your creditors on your behalf to reach a settlement.

ReLeaf Road has successfully settled thousands of accounts for our clients.

We have built strong relationships with all major creditors, allowing us to quickly settle your debt for just a fraction of what you currently owe.

You will be notified each time a settlement agreement is reached.

Our debt negotiators are typically able to settle accounts for 40-60% of their original balance, meaning that clients pay creditors .40 to .60 cents on the dollar owed, and realize average savings of approximately 20-40% after settlement fees.

Step 5.
Complete The Program.

One by one, your accounts will be settled and your debt will be reduced.


Once all negotiations are completed and your creditors have agreed to settle on a lower debt repayment, ReLeaf Road will transfer the funds from your secure trust account to your creditors.


Once all of your accounts have been settled and paid for, you will graduate from the ReLeaf Road program knowing that you have successfully paid off all of your unsecured debt in significantly less time and for much less than what you originally owed.


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• No Up-Front Fees - We will not get paid until we have successfully reduced your debt. Guaranteed.

• Debt Specialist - Your guide throughout the enrollment process. They will analyze your debt, discuss your options, and determine your eligibility.

• See If You Qualify - No Fees - No Obligations - No Strings attached!

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